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The journal "Trade and Market of Ukraine" was founded and published by Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after MykhailoTugan-Baranovsky since 1994.

The main objectives of the journal are to promote knowledge, ideas exchange and development of the dialogue in the field of social and economic problems of the world and national economy, economy of trade and services, business and finance in the Ukrainian and international communities of scholars and practitioners.

The main tasks of the journal "Trade and Market of Ukraine" are:

- implementation of scientific communication between specialists - economists in the interests of their professional activities;

- placement of information on topical theoretical and applied researches on the development of trade and services, entrepreneurship at micro, meso and macro levels;

- reflection of the latest achievements of fundamental and sectoral results of experimental and theoretical research on current problems of the economy;

-   ensuring continuity and cooperation of scientific work at the expense of the transmission efficiency of scientific information in space and time;

- publication promotion of the dissertation results for obtaining the scientific degrees of the doctor and candidate of sciences, modern works of young specialists and talented students;

- participation in scientific discussions, announcement of scientific discovery and promotion of access to the necessary information in scientific work;

- effectiveness increasing of the support with potential and existing readers.

The editorial board of the magazine accepts articles related to the economics of trade and services, economic mechanisms of enterprise management, entrepreneurial activity, marketing, management, as well as finance, accounting, control and audit, development of the services sector on the micro, meso - and macro-levels, other issues that have to be solved by developed countries, countries with economies in transition and developing countries.

An important part of the editorial policy is the publication of articles of practical importance for government officials, academics and other professionals working in the field of trade and the market of Ukraine.

All articles undergo peer review and selection with scientists and professional experts from Ukraine, neighboring countries and Western Europe.